Ziggy-Zaggy for Missoni

I went.

I witnessed.

I bought.

I actually had a dream about it the night before. I dreamt that I was going store to store trying to scoop as much Missoni as I possibly could, and my dream was a reality when I got to Target this morning. Missoni for Target debuted today and the store opened at 8:00, and since I had to drop Berlyn off at school first, Hudson and I arrived a little before 9:00.


One hour people!

Already the racks were bare, the shelves picked over, and there were gems hidden in strange places. Like in the maternity section, I found a pair of flats in my size. They were on the ground under a rack of stretchy pants. What I was doing in the maternity-stretchy pants section of Target, I do not know, but I’m glad I was there. There were a group of Italian women with entire carts full of anything Missoni. I was jittery and a little sweaty as I grabbed as much as I could. I felt like I was on that game show “Super-Market Sweep” where women repeatedly toss 20 pound turkeys into their carts. I was tossing things in, and elbowing other moms out of my way.

And thank you Grandma June for my fast burning metabolism, because I could fit in the little girls’ clothes where I scored a dress and two sweaters.

I really wanted some pillows and houseware things, but those were long gone.

But here’s all the good stuff I did get:



A total of three sweaters and a scarf.

And then SHOES!!

Here’s the thing. About two years ago I bought a pair of Missoni flats. They probably cost me one million dollars. Wait, that’s not true, but they were expensive.


And today, I bought a pair of Missoni flats for $29.99.



Plus I got a suede chunky heel, and a mini-version of the flats for Berlyn.


I don’t think Berlyn really cares about adorable Missoni flats, so I might ┬ájust sell them on eBay. Last I checked flats were being auchioned for 129.00!!