A Thousand Deaths

The clocks are set back. In my house we don’t half-ass the time change: nay, we embrace it as if it we were tourists in a foreign country trying our best to assimilate. We eat couscous with our hands, for-go toilet paper, and ride the Darjeeling Express while smoking a hand-rolled cigarette.
I sneak around the house when everyone is asleep and flip all the clocks forward. I’d like to think of myself as a beautiful clock nymph, bouncing from appliance to appliance, protecting those in my house from an embarrassing time-telling folly. I put on my silky white robe, ballet slippers, and my sassy leg-warmers, and at lightening-speed (ZING-ZA-DAN!) the clocks are all set one hour ahead. It’s a gift, a special gift from heaven, that I am able to do it so seamlessly–so effortlessly. I even flip the clocks ahead in the cars! No stone unturned.
So please, dear friends of mine, I urge you to do the same, because I will die a thousand deaths inside if I get in your car or pour coffee from your coffee machine and it says 11:59, but it’s really 12:59.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I went to Sprinkles for the first time and had myself a red velvet cupcake–it was good, but all the hype surrounding the cupcake shop was better. There was a line that wrapped all the way around the front of the store, and I was all, “Really? All this for a cupcake?” And the lady behind me was like, “yep, really.”


Jenielle came with me and had the Vanilla cupcake to the right.
Berlyn apparently likes cupcakes. She kept digging her fingers into it and smearing it on her face, occasionally getting it in her mouth.

New Found

New Photos


We spent some time with Ryan and Samantha Walton this weekend. They are pretty neat people who inspire us. The short time we spent with them got me thinking about how important friends are in my life.

So if you’re my friend, pretend like I’m giving you a warm fuzzy hug right now and know that I appreciate you. And if you’re not my friend, then you should really work on that, because I’m a heck of a lot of fun.





(and for whatever reason, I’m always on the right side of the photo…I guess I know my good-side)

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Jenielle’s husband Chris expressed that he wanted me to write something about him on my blog.

With the help from my 1962 Thorndike-Barhart Junior Dictionary I will formulate an acrostic to describe the many attributes of Chris.

C is for Czechoslovakian which Chris is NOT, but he is Polish, which is very close to Czechoslovakia.


H is for hurlyburly which means noisy disorder and confusion. It is a word that I have never heard of before, and since Chris loves to learn, hopefully he’s never heard of it before either.

R is for rivet which are found on jeans, and Chris wears jeans.


I is for infant, because he has a baby

S is for stalagmite, and that’s a fun word to say.

There you go Chris, I hope you like it.


I got an iphone!

I’ve never had anything this cool before. I’m afraid that I’m not worthy. I love it already. Thank you Pat for loving me so strongly that your love compelled you to buy me an iphone, even if that means we can’t eat food for the next 12 days–totally worth it.


Jenielle got one too…


and so did Pat.


It was as if iphones were raining from the sky.

Apples to Apples

Last night my brother and his girlfriend Amanda came over with sugary snacks and a hankerin’ to play Apples to Apples. If you have not heard of this game you should go to your local Target, buy it, and buy some Milk Duds, Chips Ahoy, and Triscuts, and then come over to our house and play with us.
Last night we learned that steak and potatoes, discovering America, and Tom Cruise are all responsible and ear wax and cockroaches are chewy…and that China is so in right now.