January 28, 2008


Jenielle’s husband Chris expressed that he wanted me to write something about him on my blog.

With the help from my 1962 Thorndike-Barhart Junior Dictionary I will formulate an acrostic to describe the many attributes of Chris.

C is for Czechoslovakian which Chris is NOT, but he is Polish, which is very close to Czechoslovakia.


H is for hurlyburly which means noisy disorder and confusion. It is a word that I have never heard of before, and since Chris loves to learn, hopefully he’s never heard of it before either.

R is for rivet which are found on jeans, and Chris wears jeans.


I is for infant, because he has a baby

S is for stalagmite, and that’s a fun word to say.

There you go Chris, I hope you like it.



I love my husband.

you are the best, Chris 🙂

by Jenielle Krusiewicz on January 28, 2008

i have never heard the word hurly burly. i like it and think i will use it more.

thanks for the shout out beckey…

by Chris Krusiewicz on January 28, 2008

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