There’s this website that takes the photos of the mother, father, and baby, and then tells you who your baby more closely resembles.

Before I reveal the outcome of the results, I must tell you that I am naturally a very competitive person. I enjoy feeling triumphant and victorious, and the thought that I am more superior in all ways occasionally finds its way into my mind. Needless to say, there was a lot riding on the results.

So, I submitted this picture of Pat and me:


and this picture of Berlyn:


The website did this neat-o scanning thing, and I felt like I was uploading Top Secret documents for the FBI.

The results were: (Drum roll please.) Berlyn looks 13% more like HER FATHER!!

So, if you want to make my day, casually let me know that Berlyn has my tenacity, passion, or amazing fashion sense.

Ma-ma and Da-da’s Night Out

We celebrated our anniversary last night. We went to Laguna Beach and ate at Hush, a restaurant where there is always a Bentley and a Rolls Royce parked in the front. We thought it for sure had to be good, because why else would ridiculously rich people always want eat there?




I’m showing off my cute new dress.


We got this chocolate dome thing. I wanted to cup it in my hands and cuddle with it, but I ate it instead–it was good.