MBT shoes


February 18, 2009


If you remember, last month some over-pumped gym rat called me chunky. It made my ass sad, so I ran out and bought a pair of these babies:


Not so much with the cute, right? Well, for your information, they are ‘magical’ shoes. Unicorns fart every time you step down which releases a special trigger that makes your legs and buns more shapely. I know, you want a pair, right?


Actually they have this rounded bottom that mimics walking in the sand, and my pair are like walking on a Mediterranean beach, because, like I said, magical. 


I haven’t noticed too much change in my ass yet, but that’s probably because I wear them while watching Real Housewives of New York City. I’ll keep you posted though.


Any further progress with these? I’ve always wanted a pair. Also, which housewife makes you the angriest? Kelly is my #1 at the moment.

by Laurin on April 6, 2009

First off – those are some pretty “interesting” looking shoes. But let’s be honest, I have made worse fashion choices over the years! Flashback to crop tops, la gears with 3 different pairs of mixmathced, layered, scrunched socks with floral leggings. Yikes.
Do they do the trick for your legs and booty? Oh…and I love me some Real Housewives! They are my guilty pleasure that I am not one bit guilty about.

by Julie Snell on May 20, 2009

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