writer’s block


November 10, 2008

I spent much of my college years as an English major with this diagnosis. Couple that with being sleep deprived, and its a miracle I made complete sentences.

I know what you’re thinking, “What Beckey majored in English?  Weird, her grammar is so shitty, I would have never guessed it. Plus her knowledge of literature is so sparse that I could have sworn she majored in something like refrigeration repair.”

First of all, you can’t major in refrigeration repair. And second of all, ughhh.

But back to the blogging: I’m having a hard time coming up with fresh and exciting material so I can mildly entertain you. I am struggling with figuring out what is worth sharing. Do you like it when I tell you about what I did the night before? Do you like when I talk about my baby? Do you like when I go shopping? Cook? Puffy paint? I want to please you!!  Do you like when I post photos? Stick drawings? Do you like coffee in the evening? Gold latex leggings?

While you’re thinking of what you like, look at some random photos I took with my phone:

Here’s Berlyn at the petting zoo enjoying some quality time with bunnies.

This was party celebrating the EVER store opening on Melrose, in Hollywood.

My honey-pants did their website and we got to go!

As it turns out, white people like David Sedaris, so it was only fitting that my friend Melinda and I went to a reading in Long Beach.

It was also fitting that we wore our glasses.

And here is a photo of our friend Ty with a pumpkin filled with candy on his head.


i LOVE David Sedaris! I went to his reading in LA a couple of months ago.

by Katelyn North-Cheo on November 10, 2008

You could always write about your fabulous older cousin Jil. Start with points about how I shaped your life, and made you into the woman you are today. lol No really you crack me up and can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

by Jil on November 10, 2008

Good thing we don’t share any common readers because I WROTE ABOUT THE SAME THING TONIGHT (writers block.) They might’ve thought we copied each other because our blockage is that bad.

And YES PLEASE to gold latex leggings! Who doesn’t like some of those?

by sarah on November 10, 2008

I, for one, would love to hear about Jil’s role in your formative years. I think that’s what draws all of us here in the first place. I’d also like to see a series of posts on refrigerator repair. I hear that you are the “go-to” girl on this subject. Finally, I so rarely see posts from you about hair and the people who have it. Why is that? It seems to me that as a licensed professional on this topic, you are a natural to speak mockingly and/or deferentially about hair.

Just some thoughts. I’d write more, but I’m blocked.

by dgm on November 11, 2008

Is this where I call for, “MORE PUFFY PAINT”?

by Kristin on November 11, 2008

i want more dirt

by melinda on November 14, 2008

I’m going through the same thing.. how in depth should I go? am I trying to be too funny? am I just lame? gaaah. The perils of blogging! (ps I like hearing about the little details of your everyday life)

by amanda on November 15, 2008

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