When Doves Try

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October 21, 2013

I had a small celebration, a party if you will, a gathering of plastic gold cups and friends, of hugs, and silvery laughter that refueled us, made us feel heard and understood.

And also there were photos that made us feel silly and cloudy. Lofted and fizzy.

I’m obsessed with the self-timer app and because when I’m with people I love, I have to capture it, like it’s a beautiful bird and I’m a running 4-year old with scraped knees and a giant net.


IMG_4033 IMG_4029

IMG_4047 IMG_4050 IMG_4052 IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4062

IMG_4042  IMG_4061


And the crazy thing is, I wish I took more photos.

I was like, “this is it?!”

Well, there’s always next time.

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You and your husband are waaayy too cute. the. end.

by gorillabuns on October 21, 2013

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