When Did I Get So Old?

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November 24, 2007

We saw the Cold War Kids in L.A. last night. They were pretty amazing, you can check them out here.
We had fun, but on the way back home in between hardy yawns that made my insides shake, I wondered, “when did I get so old?” We were only out until 12:30, but at 9, I was ready for my warm bed and jammies. Coincidentally, I found a grey hair in my eyebrow yesterday. Is this how it starts, early bed times, grey facial hairs? What next, am I going to start stuffing tissues up my sleeves while taking liver medication, and complaining about my rickets? What are rickets? I want nothing to do with those. About half way through their set I started to get a migraine, and while sitting politely in the balcony, my seat neighbors got up and starting dancing causing the entire mezzanine to shake. I kept envisioning my death, my hands firmly clutching the armrest while I was listening and nervously tapping my toes to “Saint John.”

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I’m right there with you. I don’t know if it was all of the young hipsters, the fact that we were likely the only ones there with a car seat firmly buckled in the backseat of our mid-sized sedan, or that i can’t really remember the last time we went “out”, but I too felt quite old. I suppose it’s a good thing; I don’t know if I could have gone for a late night grand-slam at denny’s like all those other kids. nuts.

and man, the cold war kids were great. real great.

by pat on November 24, 2007

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