What I Wore Wednesday

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September 18, 2013

It dawned on me that I’m wearing things on Wednesday, well, all the days actually, and I’m not telling you about it and that has to change.

Also, I started my Bible study group back up on Wednesdays, so it works out that I’m usually presentable enough to be socializing in public and sharing what I look like with you.

And now, I present to you what I look like today:

photo 1-1

Hudson is taking my photos and I’m afraid he’s going to drop the phone, hence my awkward grabby hand.

photo 1-2

I’m wearing my most favorite outfit ever. It’s a denim onsie? Mechanic coveralls? Farmer overalls?

Whatever it is it’s cozy as heck, and easy to wear.

Only bummer is my butt looks awful in it, so please don’t spend time looking back there.

photo 2-2

Overalls: Anthropologie

Boots: Zara

Black lace bandeau: Free People

photo 3-2

What are you guys wearing today?

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So cute! And bonus: you can nurse in it thanks to the snaps in front! 🙂

by Heather on September 18, 2013

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