What I Wore Wednesday


March 6, 2013

You might be asking yourself, why is Beckey posting what she wears every Wednesday? I don’t want to know what she wears. Because I don’t value material things, Beckey can wear a Kiss the Cook apron for all I care.

But the reason I do it is two-fold: One is because it’s fun! And two is because I have trouble getting dressed in reasonable clothing everyday. I still have approximately 7 pounds of extra back fat and hip girth that makes zipping my pants a challenge, and I nurse Silas, so I have to be able to fling out my mamary glands at a moment’s notice.

So I feel like I have all these constraints on my wardrobe, and to be honest, it’s just easier to slap on an old concert t-shirt that I’ve cut the neck out of, and some strechy pants, but that’s no fun. Where’s the challenge in that?

So here’s what I wore today:

Cozy black shirt: Ever

Coral mom jeans that go all the way to my waist: Madewell. Thank you Madewell for holding all my biscuit-y parts in.

Super shiny ballet flats: Lanvin

photo 1

First I had on the yellow flats, then I thought maybe I’d throw on my green satin boating shoes. Because, hey I’m might go sailing today. Just kidding, I hate sailing. It makes me barf.

photo 3

Then I thought I’d wear my oxford shoes.

photo 2-2

But then I realized that both those shoes are stupid because they hurt. And they’re not cute enough to wear when they hurt.

So I put my lemon yellow flats back on because they’re cozy. They’re basically the best flats in all of flats land. And I also threw on this sweater that my mom hates, because she thinks it looks like it’s falling apart. But it’s my favorite, and I try to ignore the fact that when I take my arms out of the sleeve, the sweater Chinese finger traps my arms, and I get stuck. I think it’s my sweater’s way of saying, “please don’t go, I love you.”

I love you back, Sweater.

photo 3-1

But this is the cutest thing by far that I wore today:

photo 2-1

(Photo credit: Hudson Jack, age 3)


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LOVE the sweater, and your hair so pretty! congrats on your little cutie-pie!

by diana maria on March 6, 2013

First off, well done Hudson! Second- like always, you are so stinking cute. Lastly, your first photo reminds me of a chic Minnie Mouse.

by Kelly W on March 6, 2013

Love it all. You should post how you do your hairs. I need a step by step.

by Dena on March 6, 2013

Your last accessory is the cutest of all.

by Kelly on March 7, 2013

“Please don’t go I love you!” Blahahahahahaha

by melinda on March 10, 2013

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