Two of my most favorite things about having a baby:

  1. I get to talk to myself throughout the day. My internal dialogue just runs all day long, out loud.
  2. I can fart and blame it on my baby. “Oh…wow, Berlyn, you stinky girl.”

Motherhood is so glamorous

5 thoughts on “Two of my most favorite things about having a baby:

  1. you’re going to give our daughter a complex. she is not a stinky girl, she’s the nicest smelling child i have ever smelt.

  2. you’re missing the point. I’M THE STINKY GIRL. and you posted under my name, which is confusing to myself and my throng of readers

  3. oh, i get the point. i’m just not sure how comfortable i am with you transferring your embarrassing bowel issues onto our daughter.

    and to all of your readers, i apologize for the confusion with comment names. #1 was written by me, pat.

  4. I have already blamed some of the melodious sounds that come out of my bottom on my newborn. It truly is one of the many blessings of motherhood.

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