This is What I did this Weekend

First we headed off to my favorite discount department store to try on a ripe smattering of shades.


These ones made me want to jog for no particular reason.


These made Pat conjure up impressions of an angry, hot cop. To which I batted my eyelashes and said, “Is there a problem officer…?”


There’s a striking semblance between my child and my grandmother in this photo. I can’t say for sure if that’s such a good thing.




These red beauties came home with me.


The ice cream truck just happened to wander into our neighborhood, and I just happened to chase him, waving my dollar emphatically. Naturally, I got a frozen pink foot with a blue gum ball for a index toe.


Then we met up with the gang and celebrated Nate with a couple pitchers of Margaritas. It was a happy birthday indeed.


The boys all sat on one side of the table, while us lady-like ladies sat on the other side, discussing our versions of pot roast and how to get gravy stains out of satin table cloths.


Woah, did any one notice that my hair changed colors? Here’s a sexy close up for you to enjoy:





After dinner we headed over to the Jack’s for some poker in their living room. Do you think it’s weird that their light looks like a giant boob? I’m just sayin…



Our best poker faces

Jenielle dominated the game. She kinda scared me a little bit.

There was lots of this…


…and some of this


…which ultimately lead to this.

Good times.

7 thoughts on “This is What I did this Weekend

  1. um….just for the record, im not passed out. i am, however, sucking my finger. it tastes good and you would do it too if you had the freedom that i do.

  2. my wife = hilarious (and hot… as you can tell).

    chris = passed out. you’re a liar chris, and we don’t believe you.

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