The Year of the Shoe


October 1, 2008

In the past 12 months I have purchased a lot of shoes, and not crappy Target shoes either, but nice, fancy-lady expensive shoes. My thinking was simple: I’ll buy quality not quantity. But as I started to by quality, I got addicted, and both quality and quantity slipped into the equation.

Now I’m poor, and for the next 12 months I am going on a very strict shoe diet. No new shoes for a whole year! None, zip, zilch, zero. And when I stare longingly at the beautiful pair in the window, I’ll just have to remind myself that it’s going to be okay, I have a shoe-diction, and I am working through it.


I like the jaunty pose in #5 and the spring in your step in the boot pic. Clearly these shoes give you happy feet.

by dgm on October 1, 2008

you shoe hussy. Don’t flaunt yr pretties at a poor Ohio housewife. 🙂
Love them- every single pair! great taste! xo

by amy on October 1, 2008

none at all? not even one single pair? really? wow. i admire you.

by Jamye on October 1, 2008

are those CHristian Loubitain’s in the first picture? I am insanely jealous.

by Katelyn North-Cheo on October 2, 2008

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