The Year of the Shoe

In the past 12 months I have purchased a lot of shoes, and not crappy Target shoes either, but nice, fancy-lady expensive shoes. My thinking was simple: I’ll buy quality not quantity. But as I started to by quality, I got addicted, and both quality and quantity slipped into the equation.

Now I’m poor, and for the next 12 months I am going on a very strict shoe diet. No new shoes for a whole year! None, zip, zilch, zero. And when I stare longingly at the beautiful pair in the window, I’ll just have to remind myself that it’s going to be okay, I have a shoe-diction, and I am working through it.

4 thoughts on “The Year of the Shoe

  1. I like the jaunty pose in #5 and the spring in your step in the boot pic. Clearly these shoes give you happy feet.

  2. you shoe hussy. Don’t flaunt yr pretties at a poor Ohio housewife. :)
    Love them- every single pair! great taste! xo

  3. are those CHristian Loubitain’s in the first picture? I am insanely jealous.

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