The Take Over

Hey everyone,

It’s Pat. Beckey’s husband.

I’ve decided to post for Beckey today because she’s all snotty and sick, and honestly she’d probably never notice that I’d taken over.

We’re not really the prankster types, but it is April Fools’ today, and the thought of putting something up here on Hippo Brigade seemed like the right thing to do.

Especially since I am in posession of the most rare and stunning collection of Beckey photos that have ever existed. Take a look:

swimmer much? nope. these are for cutting onions.

beckey's super-good at party expressions

we went snorkeling once. beckey tried to wrestle a sea turtle. the turtle won/fled.

why is this monument copping a feel on my pregnant wife?

her eyesight isn't that bad, she just likes wearing things on her face.

she'd kill for a frozen banana

and loves beef jerky

i mean LOVES beef jerky.

funny party expression, numero dos

actually, she'll do just about anything for the camera

So there you have it. Just a little view into the real-life Beckey.


5 thoughts on “The Take Over

  1. Do you think I wouldn’t find out? You think I’d actually go the whole day without checking my email (because that’s where the comments go) or twitter (my posts automatically go to twitter)? Ohh, silly Pat. I might be sick, but I’m not dead.
    But seriously, these are some pretty awesome photos. Too bad I don’t embarrass easily.
    Oh, and pay back is a bitch…
    I’m just sayin’

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