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December 1, 2012

I wrote the cover article for OC Family magazine this month. It’s kind of a big deal becauseĀ it means that someone printed my words. Someone out there read them, and then printed them. And no matter how many times that happens (let me assure you, it’s not much), it’s always going to blow my mind.

photo 2

If you live in Orange County you can pick it up all over the place. I got a fat stack at Ruby’s Diner. I unashamedly grabbed about 13 copies. And then had my 2-year-old take this incredibly unflattering photo of me:

photo 3

You can also get it at Wahoo’s or at my daugther’s old preschool. And at the donut place by my house. But if you don’t know where my daughter used to go to preschool or where the donut place is, you can find a digital copy online here.

I donno, for some reason I’m lukewarm about the article. I feel as though it’s not my best work. Maybe it’s having a prompt. I’m not good with prompts. I learned this in college when I had to write huge essays for my literature classes. If you want me to say something precise, chances are I’m not going to be able to do it in 2,000 words. Instead let’s just take a journey together, shall we? If I start to answer your prompt, then yay. If not…well it was a fun ride, right?

So with this article I struggled, and it reads a little clunky, but hey, maybe you like that sort of thing. Or maybe that’s what I was going for…Well, whatever, you should read it, and let me know what you think.



Love it Beck!! Thanks for giving the link so those of us not in Orange County could read it.

by Lisa on December 2, 2012

Hi Beckey, Good Job!!

by Audrey Morgan on December 2, 2012

Cover! Congrats! It IS a big deal! And again, thanks for sharing the link : ) Hope you are having a great holiday season with your family.

by Rachel on December 3, 2012

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