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September 10, 2012

We’re due in two and a half months, which isn’t a good realization for me, because the reality that I prefer to live in is one where I’m looking forward to a pain-free birth, a ton more time to prepare, and a Cap’n Crunch-sized treasure chest filled with a combination of Cap’n Crunch cereal and gold bars to finish start working on the nursery.

There’s actually a reason we haven’t started on the nursery, and that reason is called madness. Instead of starting on the baby’s room, we decided to move Berlyn’s room into our old office, which would give her more space and coincidentally give me a stress migraine. Cheers! But it’s actually kinda awesome, because we’ve just painted the walls deep velvety plum, and left one wall blank so that we can wallpaper it with old book pages. There’s talk of hanging a gold chandelier, putting down a luxe shag rug, and there’s also mention of painting her furniture a deep plum color. Um, it’s going to be amazing.

Now for the baby’s room (Berlyn’s old room) we have no such direction. We’re just bumbling around hoping that some piece of inspiration will stick. Plus, we spent all our time and cash on Berlyn’s room, so we officially have zero time or resources left to do anything awesome. Crap. Sorry baby. We still love you. It’s just that instead of drawers, we’ll extract your clothing out of plastic storage bins and you’ll be sleeping on a crib mattress butted up against bare walls for the next year or so…don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. And it will prepare you for college living.

I think maybe this whole sense of unpreparedness stems from not knowing if the tiny human I’m growing has a penis or a vagina. The idea of suspense is thrilling, but it’s also making me very unmotivated. I’ve done zero shopping for this baby, I haven’t gone spelunking in the garage yet to pull out old baby apparatuses, and if this baby was born tomorrow it’s name would be “Baby,” which worked in Dirty Dancing, but I’m assuming it would have a hard time past preschool with that moniker.

So I need your help. Help name my baby for me! Just give me some good ideas, so I can have the sense that I’ve regained a tiny bit of control.

Here are some front runners, and you tell me what you think, or add some spicy ones of your own. It’s really the only way I’m going to ward off this pending stress migraine.

baby names


I really like Lucy and Magnolia.

I am also partial to Simon and Henry.

Good luck Momma.

by Kelly on September 10, 2012

I’m no help- my children would be named Hippo, Olive or Cricket if Jordan would allow it.

by Caley on September 10, 2012

That’s a tough one! My easy answer is…it’s not too late to find out what that baby’s sporting! It’s either a surprise now or a surprise in 2 1/2 months 🙂 But whatever your little one’s room looks like it will be fabulous. I know this, because you and Pat don’t do anything less than amazing. I think it’s a curse.

You have some great names on the list. I think my fav girl name is Holland. I like that Berlyn and Hudson are geographical names and Holland fits in with that. Ireland would be a cool girl name too! But if you’re not looking for a defined triple theme, I also love Mazie. My boy picks are Asher, Henry, Oliver and Silas. There that was fun. Especially since we already have our little guy’s name picked out – it was our boy name choice when I was pregnant last time. (Brian likes Wolfgang. And also would like to suggest Zantar and Mulligan, as they have been forbidden at our house.)

by Heather Gapik on September 10, 2012

my mom has a theory about kids being named in alphabetical order (not that she thinks they should, but she finds it interesting how often they are). therefore… anything after the letter “H” would work : ) I like Margot and Silas (it was actually on my list too but doesn’t work well with our last name – especially if he had a lisp of any sort – ha!). westin, wayde and wynn were also on my boy list. myla, maya, and mia were on my girl list.

and I agree with the comment about whatever you and pat do for a nursery will be 100% FABULOUS and adorable!! can’t wait to see pics on the blog!

by allie on September 10, 2012

Girl names from your list: Ferah and Scarlett
Boy names from your list: Asher and Oliver
My favorites are:
Girls: Gemma, Olive, Ayla, Piper and Adeline
Boys: Beau, Jace, Gryphon, Maverick, and Aleph (pronounced like Olif)

by Elizabeth on September 10, 2012

Girl: Love June and Lucy, and would humbly submit—Lilly, Joan, Ava
Boy: Love Asher and Wells (but I want them). Would also submit Ellis and Rory

by Erin Huckaby on September 10, 2012

Have always loved Mae, and would vote Porter for the boy. Good luck!

by Julie on September 10, 2012

Girl names from your list: Haven, Ruby
Boy names from your list: Forrest and Wells

other ideas (I like gma, gpa type names) are:
Girls: Effie, Beatrice
Boys: Hank, Lou and love CLYDE, but would settle for Clive. Like Clive Owen.

oh, and the baby doesn’t care about the room yet. He/she just wants to hang out with you, dad, sissy and bro

by Jessica on September 11, 2012

Ruby was always a top contender in our house. In fact, both our girl names are the compromise names because Mark always wanted Ruby and I always wanted Selah, so we agreed on Addison and Mia. I actually LOVE all of your girl names, Haven is just beautiful – so if I had to pick I’d pick that one. Boy names are hard. I try to picture them as adults walking into a room and having them introduce themselves. I want to give them a name they don’t have to repeat or spell for people to understand. And I want a man name, because they’re only little boys for a little while. There’s my two cents. 🙂


by Sarah on September 11, 2012

I like Ruby a lot. Holland is nice so the kids are sort of a matched set of places, but every time I hear the name Holland I think of Hall and Oates. Because until recently, I thought it was a man named Holland Oates. When I was a kid, I thought Holland Oats were something like Irish Oatmeal, but different. But I don’t think most people will make that association, and I don’t live near you so why care what some crazy lady on the internet thinks?!
And I’m having a boy who will have Oliver as the middle name, so I’m partial to that. I’m with Sarah on the whole thing about little boys needing names that will hold up when they are out of college.

I’m so with her that there were arguments in the house over boy’s names that I thought were just boy’s names. Not men’s names.

It’s so hard.

And if it makes you feel better, I am due three months from yesterday, and I have a few onesies, a few of those dressing gown things that I love, a case of diapers, and a co-sleeper. No nursery or anything else that people think they need. I say take care of that later.

by Lora on September 12, 2012

Maybe it’s because I’m a musician, but I think it would be amazing if you had a boy and called him Wolfgang. (he would also instantly receive 100 swag points from everyone because of his cool name) I am quite partial to the names Henry, Peter, Joseph and Reid.

An for girls names, Magnolia is my favourite one from the list.

by Jen on September 12, 2012

I’m voting for Magnolia and Asher. And our daughter pretty much slept in a box for the first week of her life. It was a nice box, but still…

by Libby on September 16, 2012

Livia and Wolfgang!

by Kimberly on September 17, 2012

I love the name game!
Girl: Amelia, Scarlett, or Ruby (they all sound good with June or Mae as middle names)
Boy: Asher or Oliver

by Lindsay on September 17, 2012

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