That Economy. It’s so in right now.

The Market keeps spiking in both directions! Mortgage crisis! Jobs at risk!!! People can’t travel, can’t afford milk, can’t buy gas!!
We all know it’s super shitty, and everybody keeps blaming crap on it…Then it got me thinking, what  can I blame on the economy:

My low blog stats
Not fitting into my “so tight, I might get a yeast infection,” jeans
Puffy and purple under-eye circles
My daughter’s morning tantrums
Sarah Palin 2012
This hot, dry weather
My intolerance to lactose
Hang nails
Being constipated
Hannah Montana songs

7 thoughts on “That Economy. It’s so in right now.

  1. I would like to blame the economy for this months wonky zit on my face, oh and carrot cake I had for lunch.

  2. I blame the economy for making my body store excess fat just incase their is a food shortage:(

  3. I just discovered your blog (which is why I’m commenting on a post that is over a year old) and I LOVE it! This post I find especially endearing because I am a Mormon and now I can blame myself on the economy! Awesome! I can’t wait to read more hilarious posts

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