Some things I learned while I was in Seattle


November 25, 2008
  • WinCo is this magical grocery store where a loaf of bread is a mere 78 cents. I kid you not. 78 cents.

  • I enjoyed the cool weather despite my lack of cool weather clothes. I had a hard time realizing that a long sleeved shirt and a hoodie wouldn’t be enough to keep me warm. So I bought a pair of Ugg boots.

I don’t think I would have ever been compelled enough to buy them in Southern California, but it was something about the Northwest that made my feet want to be snuggled up in a pair of grey Ugg boots.

(please don’t pay any attention the the crap on the floor, I was at Nordstrom during a sale. And my man hands? Shit, I didn’t know that I had such manly hands until this very minute):

    • My cousin Jil introduced me to this fabulous invention called a Neti Pot. You pour a saline solution into one of your nose holes, and the solution mixed with boogers and goop come out the other nose hole. How cool is that?  I’m getting one today.

    • Jil dragged me all over the place, much to my enjoyment. One of our stops was a fancy book party at a gorgeous house with filet migon on a stick! I love me some meat on a stick! The book was Twilight, and although I didn’t read it, that didn’t matter, because we were all going to watch the movie after we filled our bellies with coconut shrimp and cocktails with floating cranberries. I never heard of the book or the movie, but I’m down for whatever. Then I heard it was about vampires, and my open-minded attitude quickly shifted to that of a snotty brat. I don’t want to see a movie about vampires! WTF? Really ladies, Vampires? But after 21 minutes of watching the movie I was hooked. I want to break me off a piece of that Edward Cullen.

    • I managed to not kill my mother, and I’d say that equals a pretty successful trip.

    go here for more seattle photos


    Can’t wait to hear more about your time in Seattle!…And I can’t believe you haven’t read Twilight!!!! My hairdresser turned me on to it and I read it in 2 days in Hawaii…couldn’t put the bugger down!!! I cannot WAIT to see the movie!!! What did you think?

    by Rhea Mattson on November 25, 2008

    that booger snot liquid picture has disturbed me on so many levels.

    by Bridget on November 26, 2008

    I thought I was all up on the hippest/coolist thing telling you about Edward Cullen and his bitch Bella… then you gotta tell the world about the Neti Pot and no one gives a hoot anymore. Man.

    by melinda on November 26, 2008

    I read Twilight in two days. I’m lame.

    by sarah on December 1, 2008

    The neti pot is one of the greatest inventions of all mankind. I bow before it.

    by dgm on December 1, 2008

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