Sneaky Cheese


January 18, 2008

Every year Pat and I go to the LA Car Show. We enjoy the culture, the cars, and we especially look forward to the pretzel with sneaky cheese. It’s sneaky, because I steal it. I steal cheese at the car show. Okay? Leave me alone. The pretzel stand only offers packets of mustard, and mustard almost sounds like turd, and no one wants a layer of turd on their pretzel, plus mustard is gross. So, I sneak into the food area where they sell the nachos, hot dogs, and baked potatoes, and I ask politely en español for an extra side of cheese, and then I look really really sad…and PRESTO, I become the proud owner of a cup of cheese. Enough for two soft pretzels, lightly salted thankyouverymuch.

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot about this gem of a photo: jeeptasticjpg.jpg

After our bellies were full with cheese and salty-soft goodness, our inhibitions were lowered just enough, that when asked to pose in front of a green Jeep, we thought HELL TO THE YESS!

So there you are folks. Don’t say I never give you anything.


Everything about this entry makes me happy – mostly the picture, which I think is extra silly. Eric went to the LA Car show this year too, and I was jealous. I love sitting in cars and pressing buttons. About two years ago I took up a hobby of “test driving”. I had to stop after a while because the follow up phone calls (and all the lies) were becoming a bit overwhelming.

So, in summary…give a fake phone number. Because driving $40,000+ cars that you have no intention of buying is quite thrilling.

by Natalie Johnson on January 23, 2008

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