Saturday “Yes Please” Night


October 20, 2008

Did any one see Saturday Night Live this weekend? Is it still on your Tivos, unwatched and lonely? Watch it damnit! Frick nasty it was funny.
For those of you who somehow missed it I shall recap, because I love you so much, you’re welcome, now bake me a cake with your gratitude, and make it snappy, and chocolate:

Sarah Palin was both charming and charismatic, but I couldn’t get over her Tacky with a capital T, patent leather knee boots with a stacked square heel, which was so 1997, it’s like she’s living in a cave…or…


Amy Pohler’s rap left me crying in a storm of my own salty, joyous tears. And I became hypnotized as I watched her baby-belly gyrate around while she fired fake shots at a man dressed in a moose costume.

Dear Saturday Night Live,

You are making me laugh so uncontrollably it is hard to control my urinary functions. I peed a little bit on my friends’ couch, and I hope they have some Folex handy, because pee-pee stains stuff.




you are the funniest wife i have ever had.

and feel free to pee-pee on our couch whenever the urge arises. we have plenty of folex.

by pat on October 20, 2008

I found a dead cat on the side of the road so I took it home and put some honey on it and then I ate it is that bad to do do do do. I sang that to my sister over the phone the other day and she hadn’t seen the skit, and apparently the people around me hadn’t either, so I looked like a huge freak talking in a sing-song voice about eating roadkill. Which is not that far off from my normal personality, coincidentally.

by Amanda on October 20, 2008

As funny as this post is, and really, it’s hilarious, I was hoping to see a blog all about ME, since it is my birthday, and I wrote a blog all about you on your birthday. But it’s ok, i’m not, sniff sniff, that hurt.

by sarah on October 22, 2008

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