Potty Training


April 27, 2009

Hello I’m potty training. Which means that I am loosing my patience, I’m sick of doing laundry, and stir crazy as hell from staying in my house all. Day. Long.


Berlyn and I have never done anything half-assed. When we transition her into a new phase of her life we go all out. Like when we were getting her to sleep through the entire night, we just took three days and said, deal with it nugget, mamma and daddy need to sleep or else we turn into fire monsters, and when we stopped nursing, wait nope, that was gradual. Oh, but when I started her on a sippy cup it was like BAM! SIPPY CUP TIME! and when it was time for a big girl bed, it was BOOM! BIG GIRL BED. So, we figured this potty thing should be fairly easy, and I could be all POW! POTTY TRAINED! 


But I’m not really in the mood any more and I’m only a day and a quarter into it. Yesterday was officially day 1. and we got rid of all her diapers and stocked up on Ariel and Cinderella undies. But before her nap she had 8 accidents and I was all ready to slap a diaper back on her and go to the mall to buy something shiny for myself for giving it a good college try. But the second half of the day went much better, and this morning she stayed dry for 2 and a half hours, so perhaps it’s working. Except the part that isn’t working is the fact that I have to pay attention and actually do stuff. I’m so used to convenience of a diaper catching all her business, now I have to! And there’s pee on my carpet, and I don’t know what I’m going to do when she has to take a dump, what if she decides to play with it? And smears it on the dog?

 Is 10:30 in the morning too early to start drinking?


When potty training a child, 10:30 in the morning is too LATE to start drinking. You’ve got some catching up to do, woman!

by dgm on April 27, 2009

I don’t have kids yet but I’ve heard that when you are potty training them you should let them go commando. When she has underwear on it feels like a diaper, but when they are commando, they are more aware… I know a kiddo this worked on. Obviously when you leave the house a diaper is required. Just a thought…

by Lisa - your cousin on April 27, 2009

Lisa is totally right. Commando is the way to go. I potty trained both my boys that way, obviously in the summertime, and it worked like a charm. They wouldn’t pee on the floor so they would play like daddy and go off the back porch (eww) or go in the toilet.

And also try something she really likes as a potty only treat. And try something mommy really likes (vodka perhaps?) as a potty only treat. Every time she goes, you get a shot. Fun, eh?

by ashley on April 27, 2009

I can’t wait till she’s 16 and sees that you posted these pictures.

by Ryan on April 27, 2009

Hey, if I looked that darn cute sitting on the toilet, I’d post pictures of myself!

by Jamye Jack on April 27, 2009

Jake and I were the same way. No weaning or transition necessary for anything at all, except this potty training crap, which has me drinking WAY earlier than 10.30 sometimes.
And just set your watch to East Coast time. It’s later here than it is there.

I’m right with you on all this. Nothing in my life has ever frustrated me like this. I’ve cried. Several times.

by Lora on April 28, 2009

I say it is never too early to drink, if that’s what’ll get you through the day! Potty training SUCKS, but when it over, oh, joy! Good luck and stick with it. Letting her have accidents is how she will learn to hold it and make it to the potty.

by Becky Williams on April 29, 2009

Ohhhh potty training. Not much fun at all. We started last Nov and she threw out all her diapers and did the undies and tshirt thing and everytime she started going we rushed to the bathroom and even if she finished just a little she got a treat. Then she just started running to the bathroom herself yelling at me to follow. We didnt use night time diapers or pullups when we left the house…we trashed them all. After 2 1/2 days (I hated those 2 days) She was a big girl!! I think since November we have had maybe 3 or 4 accidents. Good luck Beckey I know it gets crazy but its so nice once they are done.

by Casey on April 29, 2009

Well I guess you should just go fro the cocktail. My mom never quite potty trained me fully so here I am running around with no drawers on all the time and playing with my doo-doo. Sure, it’s made for some strange adjustments when making friends and finding a date, but at least I did learn how to make a damn good cocktail! It also helps to find a nice place with hardwood floors.

by Caley on April 29, 2009

Ha! I’m over that. We got a new rug that I love more than my kiddos… not risking #1s and #2s on my rug… I mean baby!

by Kara-Noel on May 6, 2009

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