Our European Model Names Would Be Sven and Helvetica

Every once in a while an event is worthy enough in our social calendar for me to abandon my squalid uniform of sweatpants with an elastic ankle and my face-washing headband, and my husband’s usual jeans and white t shirt, for a more ‘proper’ attire. The event de jour? A wedding.


Because I was so excited to not be wearing socks I took plenty of photographs of how hot we looked…care to agree?


We couldn’t resist taking a photo of ourselves on the mysterious X in the middle of the field. Note my glass of wine, an integral part of any wedding festivity.

My favorite is the lady in the background’s whimsical flower clip.


Doesn’t he look debonair? Especially with that slick hand-in-pocket move. Nice.

8 thoughts on “Our European Model Names Would Be Sven and Helvetica

  1. Good lookin’, you two. You’ve inspired me to get out of my spit up covered clothes and take a shower. I might even do my hair – that’s how moved I was by this post. Thank you for saving my day.

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