Oral Hygiene

Can I share something with you? Super. Thanks a bunch. Yesterday I forgot to brush my teeth. Yup, there you have it, I’m disgusting. I had a cup of coffee and next thing I knew I was out the door. I smiled emphatically, I said, “how do you doooo?” to several people, and I bursted out in obnoxious laughter all without the security of having my teeth freshly brushed in the a.m. Of corse it did not dawn on me until after I did all those things, and it was not until later that I felt the gritty slime on my teeth that is only caused by neglect and the absence of a time honored morning ritual. So, if we exchanged words yesterday, I apologize, that was not the near by Chinese restaurant’s sewage that I toldĀ  you you were smelling, it was my mouth.

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