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July 11, 2012

We made it.

Our plane did not disintegrate into a thousand flamey pieces, and we made it.

Five planes.

Did I tell you that?

We had to take five planes total for our trip. That’s a lot.

Well, whatever. Our kids loved flying, I didn’t have a panic attack, and Oma was grateful that we came out to see her.

Oma is Pat’s very German grandma, and her house is in this quaint town in upstate New York.




And this was her house:


Just kidding.

That is my house.

Just kidding.

It would suck to live there.

Because it snows.

But this house probably cost $150,000.

I don’t want to talk about it.

Inside Oma’s house were all these treasures. IMG_7757


And outside her home was a haven where nymphs exist and leaves are luminescent. And it smells like the color green, and the clouds look like they’re alive, constantly shifting and moving into new formations, and the trees are forever and forever.




And the grass was so florecesent, and the childlren were unsure what to do with all that freedom, but then they ran.

And played.

For hours.



I think it’s safe to say, I fell in love with Jamestown, NY.


and the tap water! Gah! The tap water!

I have family there and they rave about winning Best Tasting Tap Water since 1902 or something like that. They push it on me every time I’m there, which used to be more often because I come from not too far away.

And Lucille Ball is from there, I think.

It’s a gorgeous place. I hope you got to tour some of the surrounding area too. It’s amazing.
From June 15- August 15. Then it snows.

I’m glad you got to go.

by Lora on July 11, 2012

Wow! I have family there too! We always went there twice a year when I was a kid to visit my grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It was a 9 hour drive and felt like forever as a kid. The snow there is crazy!! Plus with the hills all over and the brick roads, it is so hard to drive around Jamestown in the winter. It is pretty, but the town has a horrible economy since the factories went out of business. I feel so bad for people out there because almost no one has a good job. Its cool to hear about other people with family out there! My grandmother has lived on Chataqua Lake in Lakewood, NY next to Jamestown for about 30 years and she loves it.

by Robin on July 11, 2012

It looks lovely- but it also looks muggy and buggy, two reasons California has been successful at luring people from the east coast. And we aren’t even talking about the winter. However, your belly is really cute!

by Maurine on July 11, 2012

I hope you took some of those treasures home with you. I’ve seen old perfume bottles at antique stores in Old Orange that go for more than you’d think they should go for.

by Michelle on July 23, 2012

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