Old Pine


July 20, 2012

I recently became obsessed with this bloke, Ben Howard and his moody music. More appropriately, I became obsessed with his song Old Pine. And when I become obsessed with a song, it means that I want to nest inside the lyrics. I want to have lunch with the melody, and share my Snack Pack with the chorus. I want to wear it’s T-shirt and never give it back. I want to sing it every day and dance around it with ribbons attached to my arms, and be a non-ironic rhythmic dancer. Because it moves something inside me. It pulls me around and yanks me from side to side.

The song, Old Pine reminds me of the time we went up North in an RV and explored.


We didn’t know it as it was unfolding in front of us, but we were making memories that would last forever. We were filling up our eyeballs to the brim with untouched beauty, we were breathing freshness in all day long. We were standing, and living, and existing alongside nature, instead of pillaging through it.


We stood

Steady as the stars,

In the woods

So happy-hearted

And the warmth rang true inside these bones

As the old pine fell

We sang–just to bless the morning.








We were creating images in our brains that before we had only seen inside of movies or in glossy books that live on coffee tables.

And it was good.

* I didn’t want to watch the video before I wrote the post because I was afraid it was going to affect my mood about the song, and I wanted to get all my thoughts out and spill them all over this page before I saw it. So I waited, and after this post was fully composed, I finally watched the video, and oh my gosh, you guys, it’s like Ben and I were emotionally on the same exact page, and I borrowed his shirt, and we shared a Snack Pack, a chocolate one.



Sigh. Just what I needed. New music. Thanks Beckey. 🙂

by melinda on July 21, 2012

Does Pat know you’re sharing metaphorical Snack Packs with songs?

by Michelle on July 23, 2012

Gaaaaa. I love, love, love Ben Howard. Empty corridors. <3

by Sydnie on March 20, 2013

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