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July 12, 2013

OC Register Family chose one of my Instagram photos to be featured on the back page of their magazine this month!


And here are some words I wrote about the photo:

Most of our weekends are sloppy amalgamations of birthday parties and obligations.

We bustle all week to find respite on those two special days, but plans get made,

and respite gets overlooked. This photo was taken on a rare day where we had no plans.

Our morning was warm and lazy, and the afternoon slowly appeared.

“Let’s go outside!” We laced up our shoes, and waked out our front door.

Our home sits in a perfectly manicured master planned community, but slightly beyond the permitter, there is space.

Houses disappear behind emerald green hills, and tall rag weed grows unattended.

The sounds of SUVs and school children gets muffled by the wind in the trees and our own thoughts.

We found our much needed respite. It was outside waiting for us all along.


So cool!

I was honored.


To see the actual page in the magazine go here.

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Great shot! Life is too busy most of the time, I love those rare lazy days.

by mariah on July 25, 2013

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