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January 28, 2009


My husband was out of town for three days this weekend. That fact alone made me want to pull my eyelids over my head and become an eyelid ball. It was sucky. I was bored. If instead, he went out of town during the week, I would have busied myself with play dates and lunches with fabulous mommies and friends, but NOOOO, he had to go durning the weekend, when all my fabulous mommies and friends had plans with their families and loved ones. So, I needed a project to do, I woke up Saturday morning and decided I’d rearrange our room. I used to do it all the time when I was younger. And the idea of doing it all myself, and to be acknowledged as having super human strength was compelling. 

So I moved all the furniture, and wouldn’t you know? It was totally disgusting. OH, the hair! There were rouge hairs and dust-bunnies everywhere. I think the strands of hair and dust mites fell in love and had unprotected sex, because there was this strange hybrid of hairy dust under the bed and in the little cracks between the carpet and the floorboards. I still shudder a little bit thinking of it. And last night I had a dream that a hairy hybrid dust bunny chased me, and it wanted my shoes and I’m almost positive it also wanted to have unprotected sex with me. That skank. 


Here’s some photos of the completed room. I don’t have any before photos. But just imagine a messy room with baby and dog toys strewn about.

I think it’s a vast improvement:

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When my hubby was away at work last Wednesday, I got a wild hair and painted the large wall over the fireplace CHILI PEPPER ORANGEY RED. You’d think that’d be a nice surprise, but . . . not so much.

Your room, however, is lovely.

by dgm on January 28, 2009

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