My Weekend in iPhone Photos

We took our kids to a bar.


It was actually the perfect place to take kids. It was loud. There were televisions in every corner, and no pesky kid’s menu to acquiesce to. I’d be fine if my kids never ate another chicken nugget or an order of macaroni and cheese ever again. My kids may not be so fine with it, but I would be.

Then we went to the beach with friends, because a Labor Day weekend just isn’t a Labor Day weekend without a healthy dose of sand in your croch, am I right?

These two seem to think so.



And Berlyn dressed her brother up as a princess. This is what happened when I turned my back for 20 minutes. Alright fine, I was probably looking through all your photos on Facebook.


Doesn’t he look pretty?

Then we went to the beach again.


But this time it was to celebrate Mr. Mattson’s birthday.


We went to Katsuya where the sushi was outstanding and our server looked like Tom Cruise.


Seriously, it was uncanny. This picture was taken right before he started jumping on a couch. IMG_2712


Then Monday was rainy and dreary, so we lounged around all day.


How was your Labor Day weekend?

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