My Birth Plan


December 15, 2009

I’ve never really taken a stand on anything. I’ve always seen both sides to most things, and usually just shrug and think whatever.

But something happened between this pregnancy and my previous one, and it shook me to the core of who I am as a woman. It has made me take a stand on both how this baby will enter the world, and how the hospital will mandate the way I should labor and deliver.

So many women are passive about their births. They think that it’s easier to just have drugs and be done with it. Why would I want to scream and writhe with pain when I have the option of feeling nothing? My first birth I thought the same way; I figured it was just what we do. And yes, as American woman 90 per cent of us choose to have a hospitalized, and medically assisted birth. But with America bringing in the highest mortality and c-section rates in the world, something about the way we do it might just be flawed.

Because my first birth was a C-Section, my OB gave me the option to have another C-Section, and in the same breath he also told me that I have a slightly higher chance of birthing vaginally than a first time mother. Wait? What? So, which is it Doc? Do I birth vaginally or have surgery? I looked into to it, and realized that so many other women take the surgery option because it’s easier. And my doctor was just giving me an easier way out.

EASIER?!! Easier to have more risk to myself and baby? Easier to recover for 8 weeks instead of 1? Easier to not bond with my baby directly after giving birth? I told him I was going to have this baby vaginally and naturally. It’s important for me that my first birth experience will not be repeated, but to also be present and alive for what my body was created to do. I want to feel the rush of adrenaline and opidids that will naturally coerce through my veins as I have a contraction, I want to feel in control, but simountaunisly surrender to my body, I want to be covered with endorphins as my new baby is pushed through me.

Am I scared? You’re damn straight I’m scared. Not a minute ticks by in these last few days that I don’t think of the trauma that I’ll endure to get this baby out. I’m scared that as much as I try to prepare, things are out of my hands and anything can happen. I’m scared that I’ll end up with another C-Section. But just knowing that I have prepared, and I’ve made myself an active participant in this birth, and not just an observer, has given me peace. And I know whatever outcome God has for me and my baby, will be the right one.


Hey, how’d you manage that? My first one was an emergen-C and I was told that in OC hospitals (I was at Mission) I couldn’t do a VBAC unless the doctor was willing to be at the hospital for my entire labor. Supposedly this was an insurance issue. So I used a midwife for all my prenatal and had an OB perform the C. Fortunately, the recovery was waaaaaay faster that second time.

In any event, good luck, good luck! We’re pullin’ for you! I look forward to your stories about that little va-jay cushion you’ll be sitting on.

by dgm on December 15, 2009

Hurray for you! Regardless of the choice outcome, I commend you for thinking about and making a choice. I agree that many women are passive about this. It’s your body and your baby – think about the options.

by Bellacantare on December 15, 2009

My prayers are with you.

by Mike Krause on December 15, 2009

Love it. I’m so excited to meet the little guy that I keep checking my phone to see if there’s been any news. You have all my best wishes that things go smoothly and peacefully this time around.

by amanda on December 15, 2009

Hey Beckey,

I’m excited for you guys…as you are days away from welcoming this little man into your home! I’ll be thinking of you! My first was a c-section and my last two were vag births….so it can be done! You’ll do great! But you are right…trust Him for the details as He so perfectly choses to orchestrate them! Love ya! Tay 🙂

by Taylore on December 15, 2009

Couldnt be happier for you!
I had an epidural with my first and went completely au naturale with my second and I surely dont regret it. You are right, you feel much more in control and right after, all the pain is gone and you feel pretty much back to normal. And I mean, right after! I was walking around going to the bathroom and nursery within the first hour.
Many blessings to you! Be Strong!

by Kathy on December 16, 2009

I hear ya Becky…C-sections stink and it was never the experience I thought I would go through when giving birth. I felt a little cheated. I pray that the VBac goes well and that it will encourage me to do the same with #2. Good luck and God Bless baby #2.

by Kari B on December 16, 2009

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