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March 5, 2013


In our home music is a necessity.

We need to feel the base line softly drumming through the halls. So that we can move our bodies with the rhythm and sing the words with abandon.

Because of my small people, we sometimes dance along with Bob and Larry, and the words that we sing are, “I Love my Lips,” or “The Song of the Cebu.” But most often, we use our record player and we don’t have any Veggie Tales on vinyl.

So here’s a sampling of what has been pouring out of our windows lately.

James Vincent McMorrow


This one is my jam right now. My favorite track is his cover of “Higher Love.”

Plus, hello? Total hottie.

Okay duh, of course I think he’s hot, he looks like my husband. It’s the shaggy beard. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a shaggy beard.



The Lumineers

Yes, their music is everywhere, but I don’t care, it’s so good. Plus my kids love it, so everyone is a winner.

Favorite tracks: “Submarine” and “Big Parade” and “Stubborn Love.”  Alright fine, I love them all.



Local Natives because they’re awesome, and their music puts me in a good mood.

Favorite track: “Three Months”


I’ve been loving the Alabama Shakes. They have a gritty-Southern-hipster-vintage-music vibe, and the lead singer’s voice is heaven. She’s amazing.

Favorite Track: “Hold On”


And becasuse I’m a Ryan Adams’ teamster, his album Heartbreaker is a daily necessity

Favorite Tracks: “Come Pick Me Up” and “Call Me on Your Way Back Home”



What are you listening to?


I love all of the above!

by Jen on March 5, 2013

All so good. Have some more for ya that I think you’ll like:
Delta Rae (start with If I Loved You – DAMN!)
Delta Spirit
The Lone Bellow
Emeli Sande
Lord Huron
Johnny Flynn
Radical Face


by Yellaphant on March 6, 2013

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