Mothers’ Day Gifts


April 23, 2008

Mothers’ Day is rapidly approaching, and this year I have decided against the gifts I usually give. Not that there is anything illicitly wrong with giving a picture of me in a frame dusted with glitter and sequins, but I have decided to be a bit more original, and practical. Because really, you can only have so many macaroni necklaces and hand-sculpted ashtrays.

While flipping through a series of online catalogs, I came across Miles Kimball. And I thought to myself, JACKPOT!!

Here are a few ideas that are in the running for a perfect Mother’s Day gift:

White yard geese that my mom can dress in a variety of ways, depending on her mood, or the seasons.

Rock-a-billy geese:


Christmas present geese:


Yard gnome geese:


Magnifying Makeup Specs:

No more squinting and straining to see if you’re applying your makeup accurately. Metal framed specs have hinged lenses that flip up and down. Have a clear, 3.0x magnified view with one eye, as you make up the other eye. In a satin pouch.


…and my personal favorite:

Super Kegel™ Exerciser

Regular exercise with the Super Kegel™ helps tone and strengthen pelvic floor muscles as it helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles. Steel exerciser has a padded vinyl cover. Includes a 9-page booklet and detailed exercise chart. Effective for men and women.


Happy Mothers’ Day Mom!


love it!

by amy on April 23, 2008

These are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

by kathy on April 23, 2008

LOL. If this was my first time visiting your blog, I’d be running the other way screaming ‘lunatic’. 🙂 I can’t believe there is a kegel exercise equipment.

by Marketing Mama on April 23, 2008

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