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July 30, 2008

I get these ridiculous food cravings. I call the cravings ridiculous because I will stop at nothing to see to it that the food makes it directly into my mouth. Say, for instance, I had a hankering for some lobster and Alpha-Bits. I would redirect my entire day to revolve around obtaining said lobster and box of alphabetical cereal. I would squish myself into a entirely unflattering and rubbery wet suit, board a fishing boat, get intolerably sea sick, jump in shark infested waters, and pull up the cages where all the lobsters are, while deftly avoiding any sudden snapping from those wily sea creatures. As for the Alpha-Bits? Target. Where I will impulsively buy mascara, a sports bra, lemonade, an enticing board game by Milton Bradley, potato chips, and a fruity smelling body wash.

Three in a half years ago, I defied my intolerance of lactose and became quite acquainted with a little establishment known as Golden Spoon. Pretty soon, any time seemed like a good time to have Golden Spoon. Nasty thing about those crazy yogurt shops is, they are franchised, so each one is different. Would I go to the one that was within walking distance from my house? Heck no! What about the one that was 4 blocks away. Nope, not good enough for me. Instead, I would drive two cities away for the shop with the rainbow choco chips topping. It’s true I would. These little beasts,:


would drag me away from watching reruns of Sex and the City on TBS, doing Spanish homework, and planning my wedding.

I’d be all, “what flowers would work best as a center piece in the ladies’ bathroom, the phaleaenopsis or the peonies? Peonies remind me of my high school prom, where I had some ponies strapped firmly to my wrist, then I discovered an allergic reaction to the flower, and then my favorite song came on, and…yadi, yadi, blah, RAINBOW CHOCO CHIPS!! Must go to Golden Spoon NOW!!” And off I went.

I haven’t revisited my Golden Spoon Craving since then, but that picture of rainbow choco chips sure looks mighty delicious.


I got your back on the Golden Spoon thing – Trust me I go there enough for us both!!


by Cathy C on July 30, 2008

Love Golden Spoon!
That wonderful sign is found at Jean Paul’s Goodies in Boat Canyon shopping center in Laguna. Great sign!

by Linda Vujnov on July 30, 2008

Our family has a new fav spot, Swirlz (by Jerry’s Dogs off Antonio). My kids are loving the “serve yourself” toppings, even if their mom limits them to one scoop (and mom also serves the frozen yogurt, so that things dont get out-of-hand.)

BTW, TOTALLY noticed the new hair color as soon as I saw it…..I like it 🙂

by heart shaped hedges on July 31, 2008

I am not acquainted with the magical chips, but I just might have to drive through a few cities to get to them. Are they south or north of you (please say south)?

by dgm on July 31, 2008

I love Golden Spoon too! I hear you about the food cravings. I, too, will rearrange my whole day around so I can get whatever I’m craving. One Christmas when we were still living in Seattle I made my husband drive me to my favorite Chinese restaurant that I knew was open so I could get their Kung Pao chicken and potstickers. Just thinking about the place makes me drool. In fact, I will be back in Seattle next month. Hmmm…must stop there even though it will be completely out of the way.

by ShellyD on July 31, 2008

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