Meaty Ass Fat

I’m 38 weeks pregnant.

And my ass couldn’t look any fatter.

Oh, my mom even said so. Yeah, while we were walking through the mall, she’s all, “Whoa, Beckey, you finally have some meat on your butt.” or something grotesque like that.

And then I turned around all frantic, like people do when you tell them that have something on their backside. And I was like, “WHAT? Where!? Oh, sick get it off? What kind of meat is it? Is it the pork loin I had for a mid-afternoon snack, or is it a piece of that corn dog I ate for breakfast?”

And she was like, “No, You don’t actually have any meat products on your butt, I was just saying you had a fat ass.”

Ahhh, that’s a relief.

Thanks mom.

7 thoughts on “Meaty Ass Fat

  1. My mom came to help out with my 2 yr old while i was having baby no 2. She said “I don’t know how you can run around so much and still be so fat”. Thanks mom, luv u to. But you posted pics not that long ago and you are soooooooo far from meaty it isn’t even funny!

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