Mama’s trip


October 18, 2010

My favorite friends all abondoned their babies, their husbands, and the crappy weather to hang out with me for a sunny weekend in Palm Springs.

We stayed at the Viceroy Hotel.

And we had our own bungalow.

We had drinks on our patio.

We bathed in the sun.

We found wacky sunglasses

Melinda found these gems that were mini-toilets with poo inside. How precious.

We bathed in the sun some more.

We pretended we were in an all girl band

We got really good at posing.

We ate

And we danced.

Oh yes. We danced.


You’ve had two kids? No fair. You look too hot.

by Libby on October 18, 2010

Your friends are hot.

by Dena Lucas on October 19, 2010

In total agreement with Libby.

by Bellacantare on October 19, 2010

ditto. and hilarious.

by leigh on October 25, 2010

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