Magazine Obsession


July 31, 2013

I am magazine obsessed.

Open any cupboard in my house and you might find slim shiny magazines stacked underneath fitted sheets or stowed away behind glass vases. Yoga Journal, Fine Cooking, Dwell Magazine, are all dog-eared and reserved incase of accidental boredom, or a power outage, or the sudden urge to make a fire.

I even love sitting in doctors’ waiting rooms so I can thumb through a fresh W Magazine or a copy of Self. I love them all. I think it’s because of their laconic nature. Magazines aren’t lengthy books that mock me from my nightstand, instead they are easy, and they have pictures! It’s basically at a comfortable second-grade reading level, and that’s just where I like it. And I always have time to leaf through a magazine. Sitting at the table with a bowl of raspberries and a cup of coffee just feels more relaxing while reading about tips on how to achieve the perfect rustic cherry tart or hidden camping getaways.

Two of my favorite magazines get delivered to my door each month, Sunset and Martha Stewart Living. I get so thrilled when they come, that I stop what I am doing, and slowly turn the pages, taking in all the beautiful pictures and delicious recipes.



But beyond the glossy comfort of a mass produced magazine, lives a captivating new subset of magazines that are heartier, more beautiful, and advertisement free.

Here are my very most favorites:

Kinfolk is stunning with its clean style and thoughtful articles. It’s smart, well written and makes me feel like I can throw together a dinner party using only the ingredients from my backyard.


Lucky Peach is a food magazine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The copy I have is about what to eat in case of apocalypse.  Each issue is centered around a single subject and its thick matte pages are loaded with bold and in your face photography, coupled with satirical and smart prose.


Apartamento is an interiors magazine. The Barcelona based bi-annual comes into homes of creative types and takes photos and talks to them about their living spaces. It feels comfortable because it’s not about high priced sofas and artwork set up in a cold studio, instead  it’s about real people living in real homes.


Wilder Quarterly is all about things that grow: gardening, flowers, nature, wearing long flowing hemp skirts and twirling on top of a grassy meadows. Flowers and floral prints cover this magazine’s heavy pages, as do recipes, guides for growing veggies, and a general love for being outdoors.


Those are some of my favorite magazines, what are yours?


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