Lunch Time!


August 27, 2012

For the past two years Berlyn has been bringing her Goodbyn lunch box to preschool.


I love all it’s compartments, and the segmented style helps me design a more nutritious lunch because it’s like a puzzle. Humm…What can I stick in this spot? Carrots? Edamame? BOTH!?

Whether or not my daughter eats it is a different story.

I also like that there’s no waste. I don’t use plastic baggies, because hello? BAAAAD! And with a box style lunch box I don’t have to.

If you’re addicted to plastic baggies get some of these:


So a new school year is upon us, and maybe I want to get her a new lunch box. Here are my favorites.


1. Planet Box– This one is so hardcore that it even comes with it’s own moniker, which sounds tough and approachable: Rover. And oh my, stainless steel compartments for days! The Rover can accompany your child to a weilding sight, as well as Ms. Finch’s 5th Grade class. It’s the most expensive one on my list ($40.00-60.00), but if you’re as serious about lunchtime as Rover is, it’s a perfect match. Pottery Barn Kids carries this lunch box too, but they make a jazzy case for it that costs (oh my gah, you’re gonna want to hold your breath for this…) $80.00 after your monogram it, and SHIPPING! Oh no, I forgot about shipping. Hello $100.00 lunch box. Ya, my daughter is so not getting this. See you in my dreams, Rover.

2. Goodbyn-We already have this one, but I had to put it on the list, because it’s a champ. Easy to wash, easy for my daughter to open, plus her friends think it’s cool. Street Cred. We have the original ($30.00), but they just started making a bento size for half the price, and they have an even smaller two compartment snack size for your mom bag. All the lunch boxes come with some unique Tim Burtonesque stickers to decorate it with. Fun!

3. Lunch Bots– This is the smaller, less expensive version of the Rover. You can get it with four, three, two, or one compartments. It’s stainless steel, and I prefer that over plastic, because of all the toxins in plastic, plus it looks rad. and it’s only $20.00. I think I found a winner!

4. Smart Planet– This one is cool because it squishes flat when you’re done eating, so you can fit it in your bag and take it home. It only comes with three compartments, which will not work for Berlyn because girlfriend needs her choices, but I like it. Maybe I’ll get one and eat my lunch out of it… $18.00

5. Made by Oots. It’s Dutch. So naturally it’s awesome, wholly based on it’s proximity to Scandinavia. It’s design harkens feelings of campsites, and canteens. It comes with one large container and four small containers, so it’s like a delightful treasure trove of snackable options. $35.00

What kinds of lunch boxes do you guys send your kids off to school with? Any favorites? Share!


I really need to find something that is guaranteed to NOT LEAK between compartments. Is this possible? My weirdo kid will not eat his dry stuff if even the faintest essence of carrot juice happens to sog over the compartment and then what am I left with? A hungry kid and a box full of old food at the end of the day.

by Lora on August 27, 2012

Sweet post! I will say that the LunchBot is hard to clean by hand… but if you have one of those fancy dishwashers you’ll be good. It just has these hard to reach corners and I have 3 month old peanut butter still hiding from my sponge.

by melinda on August 27, 2012

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