Lady Parts

A friend told me that it was important to join a gym, only for the great blogging material I would find there. She was right. Here’s what happened:

I bought these sexy new yoga pants today. The jaunty pants made my butt feel high and mighty, so I instantly decided I’d break them in by wearing them to the gym this afternoon. I did squats, lunges, pelvic tilts, crunches on the big ball, and I straddled the bench to do the rowing machine. Basically my crotch was all over the place, but what I didn’t know until I came home 15 minutes ago, was that there was a brand new hole in my brand new pants… yes, that’s right–in the crotch! HELLOOOO everyone!

Gym patrons, these are my undies. Undies, these are some Gym patrons. Now that we’re all acquainted, my crotch and I are going to curl up in a tiny ball now, and try to forget this ever happened.

6 thoughts on “Lady Parts

  1. Okay, when I said there would be great blogging material, I meant it would be provided by others. Now I’m fairly sure at least three people from your gym will be blogging about “the new girl’s undies.” Way to go!

  2. You can now consider yourself in an intimate relationship with the gym. Do you know how hard people usually have to work to get to that point? Consider yourself lucky. And have another cookies, cause you earned it.

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