Just thinking, you know…about cereal.


August 10, 2012

My kids are addicted to Gorilla Munch. It’s this fancy organic cereal that they sell at Whole Foods for eleventy dollars, and has a gorilla and a bowl of munch on the box. Which poses the question, is that gorilla going to eat all that cereal? Do gorilla’s even like cereal? I thought they just ate bananas.


One day I’ll wise up and just buy them Kix, because it’s basically the same thing, but cost a ton less, only Kix doesn’t help save the rainforest. Plus,Kix doesn’t have the option on their box to sponsor a gorilla. Decisions, decisions… If I had my very own gorilla, I’d teach it to eat cereal and name her Miriam, because that’s a pretty name, and gorillas in general, aren’t very pretty.


Since no one else apparently thinks this blog post is deserving of a comment, I feel compelled to validate your quandries.
I just want you to know that not only do I fully support your gorilla adoption and pretty name instincts, but also applaud your shelling out the big bucks for organic, non-gmo, gluten-free cereal. Your kids, and gorilla, will be much healthier and have shinier coats because of it! Way to go mama!

by Heather on August 13, 2012

“eleventy”. awesome!

by allie on August 15, 2012

I am Miriam==though not a gorilla, but a mom who has a 3 year old who loves that stuff for a snack. I can find it at other stores for often $1 – $2 LESS a box–Trader Joe’s and Earth Fare to name a couple!

BTW–LOVE your blog

by Miriam on September 3, 2012

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