Just thinking, you know…about cereal.

My kids are addicted to Gorilla Munch. It’s this fancy organic cereal that they sell at Whole Foods for eleventy dollars, and has a gorilla and a bowl of munch on the box. Which poses the question, is that gorilla going to eat all that cereal? Do gorilla’s even like cereal? I thought they just ate bananas.


One day I’ll wise up and just buy them Kix, because it’s basically the same thing, but cost a ton less, only Kix doesn’t help save the rainforest. Plus,Kix doesn’t have the option on their box to sponsor a gorilla. Decisions, decisions… If I had my very own gorilla, I’d teach it to eat cereal and name her Miriam, because that’s a pretty name, and gorillas in general, aren’t very pretty.

3 thoughts on “Just thinking, you know…about cereal.

  1. Since no one else apparently thinks this blog post is deserving of a comment, I feel compelled to validate your quandries.
    I just want you to know that not only do I fully support your gorilla adoption and pretty name instincts, but also applaud your shelling out the big bucks for organic, non-gmo, gluten-free cereal. Your kids, and gorilla, will be much healthier and have shinier coats because of it! Way to go mama!

  2. I am Miriam==though not a gorilla, but a mom who has a 3 year old who loves that stuff for a snack. I can find it at other stores for often $1 – $2 LESS a box–Trader Joe’s and Earth Fare to name a couple!

    BTW–LOVE your blog

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