Interview with Hudson


March 22, 2012


My interview with Berlyn, went so well, that I thought I’d do it again with Hudson.

Hudson, What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite animal?

Giraffe! It says grruunnantt. An elephant go, eeeaaaahhh, like dat. It’s very loud.

Do you know of any other loud animals?

A wion! A wion says, rrroooaaarrrhh! Like that.

What was the yuckiest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Um…a marker!

You ate a marker?


How did it taste?


Wait, you just told me it was yucky.


Alright, well, don’t eat anymore markers. What’s your favorite thing to play with?

My cars track


Um, because so big.

What is the first thing you want to do when you wake up?

Um, cars. Play cars in the playroom.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Eggs and toast. and pizzah with daddy!

(Aside, Daddy took Hudson out just the two of them to pizza about 6 weeks ago, and apparently Hudson has not forgotten)

Who is your favorite person to play with?


No, Hudson. Who is your favorite PERSON to play with?


PERSON, Hudson, like Berlyn. Do you like to play with Berlyn?

(Blank stare) Ya! Berlyn my friend.

Where is your favorite place to go?

To see train in daddy’s office. It go really fast, and honk honk, like dat. It really loud. I want a snack. Somping up der. (points to the cupboard where mommy hides the cookies).

Nope that’s for mommy.

But I want it, up der. Somping up der. 

Nope. Here Hudson, have an apple.


And there you have it.

Hudson loves cars, eating markers, playing with Berlyn and trying to leverage his adorableness for some cookies.



Awwwww, lil’ boys . . .Give him a cookie!!

by dgm on March 22, 2012

This was SO adorable! What a darling your son is. I can just imagine my four-year-old nephew answering these kind of questions. It would be so much fun!

by Laurie on March 23, 2012

LMAO. I am lovin’ those interviews…pure entertainment. They are so adorable 😀

by Chantal Philippe on May 1, 2012

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