Interview with Berlyn


February 20, 2012


Me: Alright Berlyn, are you ready for your interview?

Berlyn: What’s an interview?

Me: I’m just going to ask you a bunch of questions.

B: Why?

Me: Because I think you’re interesting.

B: Oh, okay.

Me: What’s your favorite thing to wear?

B: Sparkle heart dress.

Me: Why?

B: Because it’s sparkly, and I like sparkles.

Me: What do you think is beyond the stars?

B: The moon, and the planets, and I don’t know.

Me: Do you remember your dreams?

B: I don’t dream anymore.

Me: Oh.

Moving on…

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

B: If we went to a butterfly garden and there is butterflies everywhere.

Me: What about when we went to the Redwood Forest?

B: It wasn’t very beautiful.

Me: *Blink, blink*

B: *Shrug*

Me: *Squinty eyes*

B: *Shrug*

Me: What is the grossest thing you can think of?

B: Worms! Worms in trash can.

Me: That’s pretty nasty.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

B: A mommy and adopt babies.

Me: How many babies do you want to have.

B: Three.

Me: Why three?

B: I have to find someone who has three babies that they don’t want anymore and adopt them.

Me: Okaaay, you still didn’t answer my question, but whatves, what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

B: Go on rides at Disneyland

Me: Do you think any of our neighbors are scary?

B: No.

Me: None of them, not even that creeper on the corner?

B: No.

Me: Okay, well, you just stay away from them as a precaution. You got that. Even if they say they have a bounce house and cheese crackers in their backyard.

B: Alriiiight.

Me: If you could change your name, would would you change it to?

B: My brother’s name. Because I like that name. I would be called Hudson.

Me: If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

B: Hawaii.

Me: What’s in Hawaii?

B: Ocean and sand and beautiful girls dancing.

Me: And lastly, because it’s President’s Day, who is our President?

B: I don’t know.

Me: Think about it. Barack…?

B: Barack Burama


Oh my gosh!! This is just TOO precious!! Beckey, you are so clever to do this blog…and when you have a great “guest” to interview, it makes it all the more fantastic! Hugs to you both, and “Happy Birthday Berlyn” from a faraway admirer! (NOT the creepy one…..much farther away….near Canada – do you know where that is?” 🙂

by Karen Griffin on February 20, 2012

You have raised such a beautifully unique little girl, Beckey! Come visit me again soon 🙂

by Caley on February 20, 2012

Adorable. I did this with Mea not too long ago. I decided I will do it every year around the same time to see how her answers vary. Her answers about Momma vs. Daddy were pretty hilarious too.

by Kelly on February 20, 2012

This is way too cute. I would totally go on rides at Disneyland too. Smart gal.

by Katie on February 21, 2012


by Michelle on February 23, 2012

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