In the Event of an Emergency

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November 16, 2008

California is on FIRE!

Yes, it’s true. And the damn state goes up in flames around this time every year. I used to think we lived in a magical place where I never had to worry about blizzards creating tiny icicles on my eyebrows, or retreating into the cellar whenever tornadoes swept across the plains, but fire is up there with all the other really sucky natural disasters.

These fires, just like last year, got really close to loved ones…and it had me thinking-what would I take in the event of a fire emergency?

Surely, my top priorities are my child, my husband, and doggie, but after they were safe and sound,  I would take:

My shoes. Yup, But I’d only take the really, really good ones, like my boots, and my Louboutins, both pairs, I am a material girl, and I live in a material world. Mat-terr-eeall!! And maybe a pair of slippers, because I’d look really stupid wearing heels with sweatpants when I arrived at the evacuation center.

My laptop. The majority of my photos are on it, as is my Seventeenth Century term paper on John Donne’s juxtaposition of religion and romance, because more than likely, I’ll need good laugh.

The small green box under my bed which houses all the love notes and symbolic relics of my adventures with my husband.

My toothbrush, deodorant, and a sensible bra, because chances are I’m not wearing one.

All the books I’ve created for Berlyn: my pregnancy journal, baby book, and notes I took the first few weeks that I just barely managed.

And the basil plant in my back yard, because I’ve had it for 4 weeks and I haven’t killed it yet, and that’s pretty great. BASIL FOR EVERYONE!!!

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My sister and her family just had to evacuate from Yorba Linda. She said they didn’t have much time and only grabbed a few things. Sounds like their place didn’t burn down though–obviously happy about that! I was thinking this morning about what I would take in case of emergency. Crazy to think about what would be the priorities in a short amount of time.

by ShellyD on November 17, 2008

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