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January 20, 2009

It’s Inauguration day. That’s a tricky word to spell: In-aug-u-ration.  Remember in school when you’d clap each syllable? That was fun. It made talking extra exciting. 

So, anyways, I don’t have any plans… because a certain someone whose name rhymes with ‘pajama’ forgot to send my invitation. ugh. I’m not bitter, but it’s just that I got my gown dry cleaned and dammit, I’m planning on wearing it. So I need something fabulous to do today. 

First I’m going to watch this: 


and pledge to only flush after a deuce, never a single. 


and then I’m going to tattoo Barack’s face on my back. 

And then I’m going to make a hat out of solar panels, so that I can harvest enough of the sun’s energy to sew a purse out of hemp and dandelion leaves, to go with my kicky red, white, and blue jumper.

And I’m  doing all while in my fancy ball gown.

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First off, I did not know that you pronounced “pajama” like you were British (“puh-jahm-ma” dahling). Either that or you say “O-bamma!” which actually sounds fun.

Second, I love when Obama talked about harnessing the sun. It made him sound like an evil villain a la Monty Burns.

by dgm on January 22, 2009

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