It’s Inauguration day. That’s a tricky word to spell: In-aug-u-ration.  Remember in school when you’d clap each syllable? That was fun. It made talking extra exciting. 

So, anyways, I don’t have any plans… because a certain someone whose name rhymes with ‘pajama’ forgot to send my invitation. ugh. I’m not bitter, but it’s just that I got my gown dry cleaned and dammit, I’m planning on wearing it. So I need something fabulous to do today. 

First I’m going to watch this: 


and pledge to only flush after a deuce, never a single. 


and then I’m going to tattoo Barack’s face on my back. 

And then I’m going to make a hat out of solar panels, so that I can harvest enough of the sun’s energy to sew a purse out of hemp and dandelion leaves, to go with my kicky red, white, and blue jumper.

And I’m  doing all while in my fancy ball gown.

One thought on “In-aug-u-ration!!

  1. First off, I did not know that you pronounced “pajama” like you were British (“puh-jahm-ma” dahling). Either that or you say “O-bamma!” which actually sounds fun.

    Second, I love when Obama talked about harnessing the sun. It made him sound like an evil villain a la Monty Burns.

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