If you’ve been to IKEA then you’ve probably seen their assortment of Swedish food they keep near the cash registers (which I always thought was weird, that they store it in front of the cash registers, so you see it after you’ve already purchased your Billy bookcase. So if you happen across a craving for some Lingonsylt after you have checked out, you have to get back in line–this is dumb). But what is not dumb is their amazing packaging of food products:


Coffee in a box

Here’s some creamed smoked roe with a little boy smiling as if to say, “I love roe from a tube, don’t you?” To which we reply, “ugh, I…uh, well, um…”

Food from a tube is so convient


Is that Christie Brinkley?



We rarely leave Ikea without buying Marabou. It’s my favorite.


A Swedish Food bag in which to place all of your Swedish food selections.

4 thoughts on “IKEA Food

  1. Did you go to IKEA and take these pictures? If so, amazing. I wish your brother liked that store.

  2. Yeah, I took the photos with my new and fancy iPhone. I don’t know what my brother has against Ikea. It’s silly because Ikea is the BEST.

  3. Every time we’re there I’m tempted to buy some nordic fish paste in a tube, but I fear mixing up that and my toothpaste for a fishy night-time tooth brush. That would be the worst!

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