I gotta go poo!


March 26, 2010

Here’s something annoying about being a mom:

I can’t ever poo when I have to.

I’m constantly having to suppress the urge to go because I have to feed Hudson, or supervise Berlyn while she plays outside.

The kids are happy, meanwhile, I’m sweating poo-bullets and all I keep thinking about is, Man, I shouldn’t have had that 4th cup of coffee, AND a bran muffin.

Remember that TV show with that chick who could stop time with her fingers?

That was bad ass.

I need to learn to do that.

Then I could poop when I wanted, and I wouldn’t have to take money from the kid’s college account to fund my colon cleanse.


You’re a poo maniac

by Pat on March 26, 2010

Crap (hehe) what was the name of that show again?? I LOVED that show!

by Kristin on March 26, 2010

omg just saw your new header. LOL! too bad that isn’t one of MY cupcakes!

by Kristin on March 26, 2010

What WAS that show? I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard at this post.

by Michelle on March 27, 2010

“Out of This World” was the name of the show. That and “Small Wonder” were two of my favs

by Hippo Brigade on March 27, 2010

Um yeah I sometimes have this problem as a runner. I’ll be five miles from home and suddenly realize if I don’t go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW, I just might poop my pants. And the answer is yes, I have sprinted to the nearest wooded area and/or cemetery and pooped right then and there.

by Yellaphant on March 30, 2010

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