I gotta go poo!

Here’s something annoying about being a mom:

I can’t ever poo when I have to.

I’m constantly having to suppress the urge to go because I have to feed Hudson, or supervise Berlyn while she plays outside.

The kids are happy, meanwhile, I’m sweating poo-bullets and all I keep thinking about is, Man, I shouldn’t have had that 4th cup of coffee, AND a bran muffin.

Remember that TV show with that chick who could stop time with her fingers?

That was bad ass.

I need to learn to do that.

Then I could poop when I wanted, and I wouldn’t have to take money from the kid’s college account to fund my colon cleanse.

6 thoughts on “I gotta go poo!

  1. “Out of This World” was the name of the show. That and “Small Wonder” were two of my favs

  2. Um yeah I sometimes have this problem as a runner. I’ll be five miles from home and suddenly realize if I don’t go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW, I just might poop my pants. And the answer is yes, I have sprinted to the nearest wooded area and/or cemetery and pooped right then and there.

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