I got an iphone!

I’ve never had anything this cool before. I’m afraid that I’m not worthy. I love it already. Thank you Pat for loving me so strongly that your love compelled you to buy me an iphone, even if that means we can’t eat food for the next 12 days–totally worth it.


Jenielle got one too…


and so did Pat.


It was as if iphones were raining from the sky.

2 thoughts on “I got an iphone!

  1. Hi Beckey,

    This is Lori, Dionne’s Best Friend, I just want you to know that you are so funny and I so wish I had your way with words, and since I have known you since you were but a wee one , I know that I should not be surprised because you have always been witty. Congratulations on such a wonderful Marraige and a Beautiful baby girl, Would you mind if I listed you as one of my links on my Blog?

    Take Care, See you at a party sometime, God the Runyons Can party!



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