Hudson’s Over Dose


April 30, 2013

While at Sprouts Hudson ate half a bottle of homeopathic pain medicine.


He was playing with the bottle while sitting quietly in the cart. I was gently squeezing avocados swaying subconsciously back and fourth; the way mothers do when they are holding babies. Because I was wearing Silas like a front backpack. A frontpack? Silas had busy hands too, grabbing at the avocados when one came close to his grasp. He would extend his chubby arms out and would miss in slow motion as I bagged the fruit.

I gathered my produce, and finally turned to Hudson to realize that he had gotten the plastic seal off the medicine and now was sitting in a pool of white tablets. He quickly shoved at least three in his mouth when his eyes met mine, as if he was starved for pain killers. As if he finally got a taste of their undeniable sweetness, and now it was all he wanted in life. Around his lips and down his neck was a frothy trail as the chalky pills dissolved in his mouth. I panicked.

How many did you eat?!

I don’t know.

Hudson! These are medicine? Why did eat them?!

I don’t know.

Oh My GOD, HUDSON! I can’t believe you ate these. What were you thinking?! How many did you have?

I don’t know.

I grabbed the bottle and kept turning it over again in my hands to see if it would tell me what to do. I glanced awkwardly up at strangers prepared to laugh uncomfortably and explain what had happened to them, but no one seemed to notice or care that my 3-year-old just over-dosed on medicine. Their faces seemed to read, This is Orange County, everyone here is medicated.

I kicked the remaining pills under the wooden bin where the tomatoes were displayed, ducked into the cracker and tortilla chip isle, and called poison control.

Their number is saved on my phone. Because this is not Hudson’s first incident. The first time I called, he was a mere 9 months old, and had gotten a hold of my whiskey drink at a party. Β A few months later he sat playfully on the kitchen floor drenched in Goo-Gone while sucking on the side of the oily bottle. And then a few months after that he opened my hot pink nail polish and painted his toes, his mouth, the wood floors, and the couch with the bright pink color.

I was well acquainted with poison control. They are calm, friendly, and answer on the first ring. It’s like the complete opposite of calling me.

Turns out Hudson could have eaten the entire bottle of medicine without a single side effect. Well, maybe he would get a little wave of nausea. “But if he only ingested half the bottle, you should’t worry.” The man on the other side of the phone call reassured me.

I deeply exhaled as I hung up with him.

I guess I assumed that Hudson being three now, meant that he was less likely to get into these poison-control-type-situations. I guess I thought he had more self-control. I guess I was wrong.


Have you had to call poison control? What types of things have your kids gotten into?


As a matter of fact I just had to call last night for my almost four year old. Her and a friends daughter who is two were playing dress up and found a bottle of the seven year olds hello kitty nail polish. They decided it was lip gloss and painted their lips and them licked it off. Potion control workers are always nice and never too judge, thank goodness πŸ™‚

by Jenna Wendell on April 30, 2013

She’s five now, and mildly more likely not to do something reckless if I turn away for a half second, but when my daughter was two I found her suckling the pump of a costco-sized Purel bottle. I have poison control in my phone, too.

by Robin (noteverstill) on April 30, 2013

Love poison control! So sweet. We double dosed O on claritan…… Turns out she would just be a little extra sleepy:)

by Michelle on April 30, 2013

I had to call poison control when my 18 month old waddled his adorable little self into my dad’s room and I found him sitting on the ground surrounded with little white pills. Turns out my dad had left his bottle of ativan (anti anxiety think stronger than xanax) OPENED on his desk. I had no idea how many he ate as I had no idea how many were in the bottle. Poison control directed me to the ER because duh…. Not fun. Turns out he was fine and had probably only had one. He was super zen like that night. πŸ™‚

by Christine on April 30, 2013

“They are calm, friendly, and answer on the first ring. It’s like the complete opposite of calling me.” The best.

by amanda on April 30, 2013

It’s always scary until poison control tells you “they have to have consumed 40 of those…” That’s how it’s been for us (only called twice with Isaac) but this last week Eli ate 2 of my mother in laws parkinson’s meds (that were left out!!!!) and he had a handful of legit side effects and almost had to get his stomach pumped it was scary and infuriating!! I tired to explain to the doctor that it happened so fast and I really love my kid and felt like such a loser. I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad in my life. I never want to call them again but will probably end up having too….
I love your blog and haven’t read it in a long time…I have some catching up to do!

by mariah on April 30, 2013

glad you’re little rascal is ok!

by mariah on April 30, 2013

My son ate matchsticks at daycare. They freaked out and called poison control then called me. I laughed. I mean, I thought I’d be the one having to call poison control one day. Nope. He would have had to eaten an entire box. I can’t believe he had more than one; are they good?! He was about 9 months, now he is 2 years old and tried eating my car the other day. So matchsticks and car is okay but broccoli is out of the question? Kids. πŸ™‚

by Christine on April 30, 2013

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