Halooo ween!!


November 1, 2008

I nixed the Olivia Newton-John costume because my husband didn’t want me leaving the house in a spandex thong, even though I promised that I would wear purple tights underneath! UGH…! As I was lamenting and humming softly to myself, “I wanna get physical,” a friend of mine gifted me with a belated birthday present of a peacock t-shirt, and I thought to myself, “Shoot-howdy! Berlyn and I shall be twins!!” This of course is the only time in her life where twin-ness is an acceptable notion between mother and daughter, and not only do I understand this, but I promise to not do it again in the future, unless it’s something really, really cute.

Berlyn is helping CB walk; they’re besties.

awwh, look at the cute babies and mommies.

It was a happy halloween indeed.


Super cute!! I love it!

by Dena on November 3, 2008

Wow! You two are the best looking twins that I have seen in awhile. Our mothers were always embarrassing us when we were growing up. I can’t wait to do it to my kids. Just think…you are getting an early start. Looking forward to your visit.

by Jil on November 3, 2008

The only way to improve on that would be to have your hubby be a peahen.

Why does that word always make me giggle?

by dgm on November 4, 2008

Okay, A) You look beautiful (love the hair), and B) the picture of the “besties” is just too great!

by Michelle on December 18, 2008

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