Half Crow


October 11, 2013

I think my body is physically rejecting the aging process. I’m older now and my shoulder is creaking and sore, and my brain hurts. But it could be because I took a new hot yoga class last night and barely survived it. The people in the class were like yogi level: ninja, and were all like FWIING, SCHWING, SHHOOPing silently into full expression poses, while I was barely teetering in half crow. But in my defense, the teacher was wearing those leggings that look muscles, and I keep snickering to myself because I could see her butt. I looked around, but no one seemed to be joining in with me, they were all busy dripping sweat in the plow position.

Fine. But really?! Really!? Come on!


If you were in the class with me, you would get the giggles too.

My birthday was great. The day was stellar, I did nice things, people around me made me feel loved and appreciated, and my kids exclaimed, happy birthday! to me no less than 29 times. But that day I had a migraine. I get these debilitating headaches a few times a month, I think they set out to remind me to chill the frick out every once in a while, because I am a little stressed most of the time. So I spent most of my day counting the hours until I could pop some more pain medicine and trying to keep my migraine at a functioning level. When it tips over towards an unfunctional level, all I can do is lay in my bed with the shades drawn and order my six-year-old to watch the baby while I pull my legs into my chest and weep. And there would be no weeping on my birthday. Instead there would be beignets and salmon lox for breakfast, and mid-day shopping, a relaxing bath with tea and a visually astounding magazine, and dinner with my favorite human being in the world.





IMG_3834 IMG_3825 IMG_3833 IMG_3831 IMG_3832

IMG_3829 IMG_3835


Okay, so we’re a little crazy with the self-time app on my phone. Put a beer in my belly, and everything becomes picture worthy. But in our defense, we were at the OC Mart Mix, which is this giant warehouse with little boutique shops, and it was empty. There were white walls and spot lights, and well, it just begged for us to be silly.


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