Favorite Kid


August 19, 2011

I have a favorite kid.

It’s not fair.

It’s not permenant.

But it’s the truth.

Hudson is hands-down my favorite kid.


I mean look at those eyes. Could he be any cuter? I don’t think so. And please don’t argue with me. You will lose real bad.

This conclusion hinges on one paramount reason:

He doesn’t talk.

Well he does, but his vocabulary doesn’t include the words NO MOMMY!!! Or I WANT A BAG OF DORITOS (aside: don’t go to Costco when you are feeling nutritionally weak. I went a while ago and in a combination of low blood sugar and feeling entitled, I threw, or rather heaved, a giant 50 count box of chips into my cart.


Not proud of myself, and additionally, my pride was taken from me each time I opened and devoured a tiny bag of chips, so finally I started giving them to my kids. Because I think they should have the same penchant for junk food as me, and if that’s my goal, I’d better start ’em young)!! So where was I??

Oh yes, my favorite slander so far was, MOM, YOU SMELL LIKE EGGS!

I’d like let the record show that I do not in fact smell like eggs. That smell you’re referring to is Fritos.

And yes, I ate all 10 bags in the box by myself. They are a culinary delight. Plus, they only have 3 ingredients. It’s basically health food.

Okay, back to business: Hudson is my favorite.


He has such a sweet disposition. He’s happy, agreeable, nice to others, and calm and rational.

Which works out really well, because I am anything but calm and rational. I am frenzied and spontaneous. He keeps me balanced and slightly cool when his crazy sister tries to throw me into an unraveling spiral of anger and wrath. He’ll look at me with those sweet, precious eyes, and say, “Seriously mom, it’s not worth it. Let her work it out on her own and don’t feed into her irationality.” And I’m like, “Yes, you’re right Hudson. You’re so wise for 19 months.”

And then I cuddle and squeeze him, because he’s always down for a good squeeze. Sometimes he tries to squirm away, but I know that’s just his way of telling me he wants to be squeezed tighter.


He is hilarious, and can easily make our entire family laugh by giving us a single look. I think he really understands comedic timing, for some an advanced concept, but for him it’s no big deal.


So in conclusion, Hudson is my favorite.

But I know he will have tantrums in the middle of a parking lot, and tell me I smell like eggs one day.

And that’s the day, my friends, that he will get demoted as my favorite kid.





This is bold journalism and I love it! Huddy is a dream!

by melinda on August 22, 2011

Now I want to meet Hudson even more. I think we’d be friends. Plus, I could use a little calm, rational thinking myself. And I have no problem with it coming from a 19 month old.

by Michelle on August 22, 2011

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