Date Night is Alright.

It doesn’t happen often, but last night, we had a date night.

Here’s what went down:

Our first order of business was to make sure we dropped off our kids somewhere where they will receive no less than 8 bedtime stories and generous portion of ice cream for dinner. For us, that was Nonnie and Poppi’s house.

Then we had a sweet treat at the Scandia Bakery in Laguna Beach.

Moment of silence for the chocolate macaroon please.

Then we people watched. Our favorite were the tourists trying to walk on the beach with high heels.


And after indulging in warm coffee and tasty snacks, we got randy in a public bathroom.

Only kidding, we didn’t do that.

Or did we?

Alright we did, but I only let him get to second base.

I’m such a tease.

Dinner was delicious.

After dinner we went  to Walmart.

Sure, because that’s what you do after a date, because everything else was closed and I needed some Miller Lite and camouflaged cargo shorts.

But since we go to Walmart as often as we go to bars that have line dancing, we thought we should do it up right.

Rambler style:

These things are the best.

I’m asking for one for my birthday.

In conclusion, date night was fun, bathrooms can be sexy, and Ramblers are my new favorite thing.

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